Saint Michaels Association For Special Education Inc.

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"S M A S E "


SMASE Rainbow is about special people in a special place...

Bringing Disabled Students into Ability

            With Special Needs Programs

Educational Programs
Vocational Agricultural
Similar to a 4-H program, these classes teach how to care for animals. Students also maintain a greenhouse where they grow vegetables to enter into competitions in local fairs.

Culture Program
In these courses, students create craft items. They can enter the items they create into contests at the fair or sell them for extra spending money.

Daily Living Skills
Students learn safety and health lessons for independent living.

Our therapy department provides a wide array of therapy options ranging from stretching to horse therapy, wherein students ride horses.

Adult Education Program
Saint Michaels also provides an adult education program for students over 21. Many of our adult program students are graduates from the school. They are given the option to remain in the school or go home to their families. If they stay, they become part of the group home and continue to be active in school and learning. Some choose to be part of the group home and help out in that atmosphere rather than returning to classes.

Qualified Staff
Every member of our staff must complete 6 different training courses to be qualified to interact with students. We have a full time nurse on staff as well as 2 volunteer nurses to see to your child's health and safety and assist with any emergencies. Should a child become sick, our nurses are empowered to treat the child or transport them to the care they require. We frequently work with disabled children lacking motor skills, so we are prepared to take good care of them even when sick. Our nurses are also qualified to distribute any medications to our clients.
Contact us to help disabled students and adults in Saint Michaels, Arizona.