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SMASE Rainbow is about special people in a special place...

IRT in partnership with SMASE

Department of Defense Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Program.

In October 2009 SMASE submitted an application to the Department of Defense Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Program and was selected as a training venue for FY 2010.  The IRT Program is a partnership that strengthens our military's war-fighting capabilities that enhance military readiness while assisting under served and remotely located civilian communities that will pay long dividends for the future.  The IRT Program is available on an annual basis for a 5-year period.

FY10 Goals:  The 240240th  S team (Colorado Air National Guard) has developed a 5 year master plan for campus-upgrades.  In FY 2010, for a 6-week period beginning May 18, 6 18 ANG CE Teams are scheduled to complete the following:

  • Demolition of condemned cafeteria
  • Construct a new Nursing Station/Support Services
  • Electrical upgrades to numerous existing buildings throughout the campus
  • Re-roof the Geodesic Dome Building
  • Horizontal construction to alleviate erosion and control storm water run-of problems

SMASE incurs costs for materials, supplies and some contractual work; the IRT Program picks p the remaining cost.  The estimated cost to SMASE for FY 2010 is $350,000.  The estimated cost to SMASE for the remaining 4-years is estimated at $1,000,000.

SMASE is excited to be a partner with the IRT Program that improves service delivery to our Navajo Nation citizens with disabilities most in need.