Saint Michaels Association For Special Education Inc.

Information: (928)871-2801

"S M A S E "


SMASE Rainbow is about special people in a special place...

Our school serves...

the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

 Mission Statement
To promote and provide a coordinated, accessible system of quality services for Navajo children and adults with developmental disabilities including their families.

School's Philosophy
The school believes that a child with disabilities is foremost an individual in his/her own right; that he/she can grow and develop throughout his/her life regardless of his/her disability. Each child is assisted to the fullness of  this potential so that he/she can live a richer life and participate as completely as possible in his/her family and community.  It s also the philosphy of the school to work with a family and not just the child.

How we make a difference....Here in the middle of the vast Navajo Reservation come to us, most severely disabled of the Navajo youth. "Special people" come to us seeking love and protection. Our education program needs continued excellent staffing & facilities. Our health care program needs personnel and equipment to succeed. Our residential program faces a continuing need for proper housing. We are contracted with several Educational institutions for Internships in Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Nursing.

Individual Shall...

  • be afforded dignity and respect;
  • have options and opportunities to make choices in all aspects of their lives;
  • have access to quality education, quality habilitation, training medical care, and other support necessary to advance their personal well being;
  • have opportunities to participate in Navajo community life; and
  • have an opportunity for appropriate relationships with family and friends.

Services shall

  • be culturally sensitive and appropriate
  • be efficient and effective
  • be individualized
  • be responsive to changing needs and resources
  • incorporate best practices
  • promote individual growth
  • include collabortive planning which accesses a broad array of community resources, and
  • maximizes all fiscal resources


*Every staff member must complete 6 different intense training courses in order to be qualified to interact with each individual.

*We have a full time nursing staff as well as volunteer nurses to see to our client's health & safety. We also assist with any emergencies.

*Our education curriculum is very important and always up to standards.